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On Botts

I think Jason Botts should have started the season on the 25 man roster, getting the bulk of the DH playing time. Obviously, I still think that is the case.

That being said, I do think I understand why the Rangers didn't call up Botts this past weekend when Mark Teixeira went on the disabled list.

Two things here...number one, Botts has altered his swing, so that his swing is shorter. I have to think that, given that he's been using this new swing for about two months, the Rangers would prefer that he continue to play every day, even in the minors, rather than get part-time playing time in the majors.

The other issue is that, with the Rangers playing in National League parks this week, there isn't going to be a designated hitter, which makes playing time for Botts even more scarce. I don't think you want to call him up so that he can pinch hit once every game.

Now, you can argue that Botts should be starting every game next week at first base, and that Brad Wilkerson should be on the bench pinch hitting instead. And again, I think he should have been up here DHing on Opening Day.

But I don't think the fact that Travis Metcalf got the call instead of Botts is necessarily a sign that the Rangers aren't going to look at Botts this year. I think that, by July 4, Botts will be up and DHing on a regular basis.