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The 2003 Rangers

The Evan Grant item on Ron Washington, that included some comments on the wretchedness of Buck Showalter's first Ranger team in 2003, prompted me to go back and look at the gamelogs for that season.

Wow...I had forgotten what an awful stretch that team went through. On May 23, 2003, the Rangers beat the Orioles, with Ismael Valdes (he wasn't yet Valdez) getting the win, and going to 23-24.

They then lost their next two at home to the Orioles (John Thomson and R.A. Dickey picking up the losses), and then went on the East Coast roadtrip from hell. soon as I saw all those "L"s on the Baseball Reference page, I remembered that trip. Baltimore, Tampa, Atlanta, and then Puerto Rico (to play the Expos), losing 9 in a row at one stretch and 8 in a row less than a week later, and going a wretched 4-23 over a 27 game stretch ending on June 23, 2007.

Guys who picked up "L"s in that 27 game stretch included Tony Mounce, Alan Benes, Colby Lewis, Victor Santos, and Mario Ramos.


That month of baseball is forever burned, like a scar, into my memory.