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A message for Josh Lewin

Most Rangers fans aren't rooting for Sammy Sosa not to hit homers right now, so that #600 will be at home.

I think the majority of Ranger fans are hoping that Sosa hits 2 more home runs as soon as possible, so that the team will quit wasting ABs and a roster spot on him.

Coming into today, Sosa was .205/.253/.352 over the last 28 days, and has 3 homers in the last 6 weeks.

The Sosa experiment has failed, the team needs to move on, and the fact that Ron Washington keeps running him out there -- for what seems to be the sole purpose of letting him get to 600 in a Ranger uniform -- is turning into something of an embarrassment.

And you know, I'm starting to wonder if this weekend will be the end of the Sosa-as-a-Ranger ride. Jamey Wright is supposedly going to be activated to take Loe's spot in the rotation, and activating Wright will necessitate clearly both a 25 man and a 40 man roster spot. If the Rangers DFA Sosa, they address both those issues, and can activate Jason Botts to take over as DH next week after this week's games in the National League parks.

Update [2007-6-12 21:33:12 by Adam J. Morris]: -- As always, when I complain about Sosa, he gets a couple of hits.