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A few things

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Some stuff I thought I'd throw out there, as we wait for tonight's attempt to salvage a game out of this series...

Top Prospect Alert has a new Ranger top 10 prospect list, and it is rather quirky...

They have Mayberry as the #2 prospect, Teagarden at #6, and Steve Murphy, remarkably, at #9...

Alfonso Soriano is the streakiest player I've ever seen. On June 2, he had a 793 OPS.

He then went on a tear, going 18 for 33 with a double, two triples, and 6 homers, lifting his OPS almost 150 points in 7 games.

Now, after that incredible tear, he's gone 0 for his last 21.

When he's hot, there are few hitters as good as Soriano. And when he's cold, there are few hitters as bad.

The Dodgers whacked hitting coach Eddie Murray, in the middle of his second year on the job.

Bud Selig may suspended Jason Giambi for not cooperating with the Mitchell Commission about his knowledge of the steroids problem in baseball. Just like I had a big problem with John Rocker getting suspended for talking, I have a big problem with the idea of Jason Giambi getting suspended for not talking. And I think Selig would lose a showdown over this.

And in the "conflict is a natural by-product of being a bad team," the Astros had a physical confrontation between a couple of pitchers in the dugout last night, although everyone is saying it is no big deal...