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Saturday a.m. things

Yay, another win! I like wins. Even when the team is 12 1/2 games out of third place, I like seeing the team win.

Ron Washington talked about how Sammy Sosa loves hitting in Cincy, and his grand slam was huge yesterday. And it got him one homer closer to 600...I'd love to see that come today, and get that milestone behind him, so we can move on and get Jason Botts up here.

Washington also had praise for the great outing from the bullpen last night, and for Vicente Padilla for gutting it out without his best stuff yesterday. I don't remember the last time Padilla had his best stuff, and not to beat a dead horse, but I would be really surprised if something weren't physically wrong with him. I keep expecting to hear that he's going under the knife for T-J surgery any day now...

Newy Scruggs weighs in on Ron Washington, saying that the media needs to back off and give him a chance. I've been underwhelmed by Washington thusfar, but I also tend to think that axing him isn't going to do a ton of good...