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Monday morning things

Another win, a pretty decent outing from Kevin Millwood, and the Rangers make me look silly for badmouthing the lineup by scoring 11 runs...

Dave Sessions suggests the unthinkable:

Could Sammy Sosa be the Rangers' All-Star representative?

With Mark Teixeira injured, a case could be made for the 38-year-old slugger, who is among the American League leaders with 51 RBI, the most by any Ranger, and 11 home runs.

No Rangers player has much chance to be voted in as a starter -- Sosa leads the club with 316,355 votes as of Tuesday, good enough for 13th among AL outfielders -- but Sosa, Michael Young or Eric Gagné would seem to be the most likely Texas candidates to be chosen by AL manager Jim Leyland.

A DH with a .272 EQA as the Rangers All-Star rep. Just in case the Rangers weren't already a laughingstock...

And those of you who want to put forth the "Sosa is driving in runs, and that's what the Rangers brought him here to do" argument...I suppose you think Pedro Feliz had a quality 2006 season, as well?

Richard Durrett lists Michael Young, Akinori Otsuka, and Eric Gagne as the leading All-Star candidates. I think the rep will come out of those three guys.

Also from Durrett, Wilkerson is putting in extra time before games working on his fielding at first base. If he can handle the position well, it makes him more attractive as a trade chip, although if he doesn't start swinging the bat better -- he's been awful since coming off the d.l. -- it is a moot point anyway.