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The Daniels contract extension

As most of you have probably heard, Tom Hicks has given Jon Daniels a contract extension, extending his deal through the 2009 season.


Just guessing, but I think part of it is to try to put an end to the speculation that Daniels is for his job right now, and the media's suggestions that Daniels will be gone after this season.

I think it is also to put Daniels on a little firmer ground when dealing with potential trade partners...I have to think that the perception that Daniels might be gone at the end of 2007 weakens Daniels' negotiating position, and doing this should help strengthen Daniels' position in dealing with other g.m.s.

The other thing is, it isn't like this is a huge financial commitment. If Hicks decides to whack Daniels before the end of the 2008 season, it will probably cost him less than what Sammy Sosa or Jerry Hairston Jr. is costing him. It is a move that shows support for his general manager, without having to stick his financial neck out too much.