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Shocking news -- J.D. Drew is hurt

J.D. Drew is hurt again, with a strained hamstring, although the injury appears to be something of a mystery:

Mike Lowell and J.D. Drew, on opposite ends of the performance spectrum, both had to leave last night's 9-5 loss to the Yankees because of injuries.

Lowell, hit by a pitch on the top of his left hand, is questionable for today's game but Drew, who strained his right hamstring, is day-to-day and likely to miss more time than Lowell.

Just how Drew hurt himself remained unclear after the game. He already had departed by the time the clubhouse was opened to the media. Even manager Terry Francona said he was not sure about the injury.

"I saw him talking to the trainer, I knew there was a problem," said Francona. "Again, you get into an area where if somebody goes after a ball, runs down the line and pops their hamstring because I didn't take them out, I'm going to have a hard time living with myself. So at this point he's day-to-day and he'll be evaluated more, that's about all I really know right now."

Drew has been in a serious slump for much of the season and was batting just .159 in his previous 31 games going into last night, when he went 0-for-2 before having to leave after the fifth inning.

Drew has been awful this year, hitting .222/.340/.310 with just 2 homers, and he already has 4 GIDPs...he hit into 4 all of last season, and has never hit into more than 7 in one year.