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Thursday a.m. things

A Ranger victory yesterday, another nice outing by Kam Loe, some signs of life from the offense, Eric Hurley is promoted to AAA...of course, none of that is the story right now...

There's a ton of Sosa stuff out there today, but I don't really care about #600 and the surrounding hoopla, so I'm not going to link all that.

Jim Reeves has a column on Michael Young, and how he doesn't want to do a rebuilding plan.

The team going into sort of a rebuilding mode, after inking Young to that huge contract (which includes a no-trade clause), would seem to not sit well with the FOTF. And we all remember what happened the last time the team's shortstop with a big contract got irritated with a rebuilding plan. I'll be curious to see if the same folks who spit so much venom at ARod for wanting out, and for not wanting to play with "24 kids", will direct negativity towards Michael Young -- who isn't nearly the player ARod was -- if he decides he wants out of Texas now.

The Chicago Sun-Times says that the Cubs have had discussions with the Rangers (among other teams) about Jacque Jones. Jones is under contract for $5 million for 2008, but given that the Rangers already have Frank Catalanotto through 2009, I can't imagine there's much interest in bringing Jones here.

The list of 12 teams that Eric Gagne would accept a trade to is shrouded in mystery, but Ken Davidoff says that the Mets are one of them, and could be interested in Gagne.

Former FWST writer Kat O'Brien talks about the Yanks' interest in Ranger relievers, as well:

The Yankees have had scout Rick Williams watching Texas in the Rangers' last two series. Rangers closer Eric Gagne is believed to be of interest to the Yankees as a possible setup man, though Rangers setup man and former closer Akinori Otsuka is also available. Gagne's one-year contract, worth $6 million plus incentives, includes a no-trade veto clause to all but 12 teams. Fox Sports reported yesterday that he does not have the ability to veto a trade to either the Yankees or Mets. The Yankees' bullpen ERA of 4.09 is ninth in the American League.

And Dave Dombrowski is also interested in Gagne and Otsuka, but is shopping Mike Maroth, whom the Rangers apparently aren't real interested in.