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Royals trade for Milton Bradley, then rescind deal

The Kansas City Royals made a deal for DFA'd outfielder Milton Bradley, and then rescinded it after it was revealed Bradley had suffered an oblique strain.

I've heard suggestions that the Rangers should go after Bradley, and I just don't see how that makes a ton of sense.

The Rangers are out of the race. As it is, they are finding it hard to get ABs to Victor Diaz, and of course, Jason Botts is still in AAA, waiting for a chance.

Why make it harder to get a read on those two by adding another outfielder to the mix, one who has made it clear he isn't going to be happy unless he's playing every day, and one who is going to be a free agent after the season anyway? He's not going to be a Type A or Type B free agent, so you aren't going to get draft picks for him.

I just don't see the point.