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Some Saturday night linkaliciousness

A few things out there I thought I'd mention...

The Cubs are trying to deal Jacque Jones by Monday, and the Rangers are supposedly a team that the Cubs have talked to Jones about.

I don't know that there's really anything to this, but if there is, why would the Rangers be involved? Well, Jones is under contract through 2008, and he had historically hit lefties well. He's a good defensive outfielder. If the Cubs are willing to eat some of his deal, the Rangers might view him as a cheap pickup that they could use, along with Marlon Byrd, in centerfield next year if they miss out on Torii Hunter and Aaron Rowand. Daniels might also possibly see this as an arbitrage play, getting Jones on the cheap, letting him spend a month or two hitting in TBIA to build his value back up, and then flipping him later in the season.

It also is possible that the Cubs approached the Rangers about Jones, trying to land one of the Rangers relief arms, and didn't get anywhere. I'd be more interested in Matt Murton, personally.

No one should be complaining about the Rangers not going after Mike Maroth, who was just dealt to the Cards by the Tigers this week. Look at his stats...he has a terrible strikeout rate (less than 4.5 Ks per 9 in his major league career), and gives up a ton of homers, despite pitching in the Copa. Typical example of a guy who looks decent by having a great defense behind him and pitching in a huge park. He'd be a Mark Clarkian disaster in Texas.

The Hardball Times has a piece on who will end the season as the team with the worst record. The Rangers get a mention, but aren't considered real strong contenders, with the Nationals, Reds and ChiSox being picked as the most likely to have the #1 pick in 2008.

Speaking of the ChiSox, the South Side Sox blogger isn't a Nick Masset fan.

And still speaking of the ChiSox, Darin Erstad pulled a Juan Gonzalez, getting activated from the disabled list, and then coming out in the first inning of his first game back on going right back on the d.l.

Remember the talk this offseason of the Rangers pursuing Jon Lieber? Well, looks like he's going to be out for a while, maybe for the season, with a torn tendon in his foot.

Jason Botts hit a homer tonight for Oklahoma, just his 7th of the season. While his new, shorter stroke may have fixed a hole in his swing, it also seems to have sapped some of his power...Botts does have 25 doubles on the season, but his ISO isn't what you'd expect from him, given his history. He's hitting for average and drawing walks, though...but I wouldn't be surprise if he is more of a high-OBP/medium power guy than the big slugger that I think some folks anticipate.