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Tuesday a.m. things

Another very nice outing from Kam Loe last night, against the best offense in the majors...and another nice win for the Rangers, as they start off a real tough road trip.

Evan Grant's game story focuses on the improvement Loe showed since getting shelled by the Tigers three weeks ago, and also mentions why the Rangers used Akinori Otsuka in the 8th inning (since Eric Gagne had apparently convinced the Powers That Be that he could pitch the 9th).

Willie Eyre is getting the start today instead of John Koronka, primarily because of the Tigers righty-dominated lineup. The Tigers have a .310/.369/.514 line against lefties this season.

There's also mention of the Rangers being pleased with Brandon McCarthy's rehab outing, although they still want him to get another rehab start to make sure his blister/callous problem won't crop back up before they re-activate him.

Jim Reeves now thinks the Rangers won't lose 100 games -- "More like 96 or 97," he says -- but that the team isn't as bad as the 1973 Rangers.

Also, the New York Times and New York Daily News have some mention of the possibility of Mark Teixeira to the Yankees today, but it isn't anything other than "Teixeira might be an option for the Yankees" type stuff...