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Shocking news...Shea Hillenbrand is complaining...

Shea Hillenbrand is upset about his playing time in Anaheim.

Despite being on a team that looks like a lock to be in the playoffs, Hillenbrand wants to be traded or released so he can go to a team that will play him more.

One would think a DH with an EQA of .212 and a $6.5 million 2007 salary would keep his mouth shut...

But this is the same guy who demanded a trade from the BoSox in 2003 because they had added Bill Mueller and Hillenbrand's playing time would be reduced. And to further his cause, called Theo Epstein a "faggot" in a radio interview.

And then, last year, was DFA'd by the Blue Jays in a big brouhaha over his manager challenging him to a fight after Hillenbrand wrote "This is a sinking ship" on a whiteboard in the clubhouse, and Hillenbrand being angry over a decrease in playing time and the organization not congratulating him after he adopted a child.

What a toolshed.

Given that he's a crappy player, I'm not sure why anyone would want to deal with him and all his drama.