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FJM, Jon Heyman, and ed coffin

Fire Joe Morgan has a piece up talking about Jon Heyman's "what 5 players would you want if you were starting a franchise" article a couple of days ago.

I didn't link it because I didn't really care.  And I didn't read it that closely.

But I wish I did, because I missed what FJM picked up on:

Most of the results are what you'd expect. Reyes, Verlander, ARod, Peavy, Papelbon, Sizemore, etc. Ichiro gets three too-many votes. But the dumbest thing is in the "others receiving votes" category. Because receiving one vote is:

Yadier Molina.

Yadier. Molina. To build a franchise around.

He is an excellent defensive catcher. He also has 17 career HR. A .227 career EqA. And a .296 career OBP.

My initial reaction was, "Ed Coffin is working in an MLB front office?"

But obviously not, because Oliver Perez didn't get any votes.

Anyway...if anyone is interested, my five would be Mauer, Sizemore, Wright, Santana, and Peavy.