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The Rangers were after Milton Bradley?

Milton Bradley has signed with San Diego -- a good move by a franchise that has been one of the better run franchises in the league the last few years -- but according to Buster Olney, Texas was one of the teams interested in him:

The Rangers took a run at Bradley, as well, perhaps feeling that he would thrive after being reunited with his former coach, Texas manager Ron Washington.

Adding Bradley would have been a weird move. Presumably, he would have replaced Victor Diaz on the roster, but Diaz is hardly playing right now anyway.

Presumably, Bradley would have taken some playing time away from Catalanotto or the Byrdman, which in terms of wins and losses is an improvement. But Bradley is also a free agent at the end of the season, and isn't likely to bring any draft pick compensation.

So, for the Rangers to take playing time away from guys like Diaz, Cat and Byrd -- not to mention Jason Botts -- who will be under team control past this season, they presumably would have to think that they could flip Bradley for something significant in the next month, or would be auditioning him for a longer-term deal.

The Rangers need outfielders, and Bradley has a ton of talent...but he's not THAT great, and his inability to stay on the field makes him someone you don't want to commit long-term dollars to.

So while I don't know that bringing him here would be a terrible move, I don't think it would make a lot of sense, either, and I'm glad he ended up with the Padres.