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This week's draftiness

Just to give folks a heads-up on what we are doing for the draft...

Thursday afternoon, there should be ongoing liveblogging about the draft. I think zywica will be handling that, but if he isn't, I will be. Either way, there will be ongoing updates about the draft in general, and the Rangers' selections in particular as they are made.

I'll be doing draft updates on Friday, as well, but the Friday picks aren't going to be "premium" picks, so I'm not going to do the same type of extensive, "real time" coverage then as we will be doing on Thursday.

Also, for those who were around last year, you might recall that all the SBNation sites had some problems on draft day, as the increased traffic resulted in things slowing to a crawl from time to time. The SBNation tech folks have indicated that that shouldn't be a problem this year, so let's keep our fingers crossed and hope that ends up being the case...