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My Ranger first round draft predictions

Been thinking about this a while, and I'm ready to make my predictions on who the Rangers will take in the draft...

I think they go high school pitcher at #17, and hitter, probably college hitter, at #24.

I think they grab Matt Harvey at #17 if he slides there. Otherwise, I think they go with Josh Smoker, the lefty out of Georgia who sounds like a John Danks clone, there.

At #24, I think it comes down to who is left on the board out of three guys -- Julio Borbon, Matt LaPorta, and Kevin Ahrens. I want LaPorta, obviously, although Ahrens would be a good pick there too. I don't want Borbon, although I am afraid that's the direction they are leaning.

This changes if Matt Wieters slides to #17...reportedly, Milwaukee is on him and will pop him if he gets to them, but if he does slide all the way to #17 I think Texas would jump on him, and take the best high school arm on the board at #24.

Anyway...I'll predict Smoker at #17, and LaPorta at #24. I may be going more with my heart than my head on LaPorta, but those are my picks and I'm sticking with them.