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Some afternoon linkaliciousness

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Keith Law has a draft preview up, saying that the strength of this class is high school pitchers, while being very weak in college pitchers and, to an extent, college power bats...

Law also looks at the four teams with lots of early picks -- San Diego, Toronto, San Francisco, and Texas -- and how their philosophies will impact things. Law has some Jon Daniels quotes, with Daniels saying that the Rangers have emphasized best player available of signability, need, and the like, and ends with this note:

Texas' willingness to sign Scott Boras clients could give them a big leg up in this draft, where Boras has seven or eight first-round talents, but many teams drafting ahead of Texas won't exceed MLB's "recommended" slot bonuses. That could mean a Matt Wieters or a Matt Harvey falls to Texas, and I don't see them passing.

John Barten has the latest installment of the Weekly BTB Awards up...

Kevin Goldstein has his top 50 draft prospects up, with notables including Beaven and Harvey at 12-13, LaPorta at 15, and Borbon at 25.

John Sickels offers his top 12 pitching prospects in the draft, with my guy, Smoker, coming in ahead of both Harvey and Beaven...