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Julio Borbon v. Corey Brown

I'm still very happy that the Rangers didn't take Julio Borbon with one of their first two picks. And I'm still not sure I wouldn't rather have Corey Brown than Julio Borbon.

However...before you get too bent out of shape over Brown outhitting Borbon this year, check out the park factors for OSU and Tennessee.

The park factors are a year behind, but I'm still pretty comfortable using them, since they span a three year period.

Oklahoma State's home park factor was 157 -- one of the most hitter-friendly parks in college baseball.

Tennessee's home park factor was 80 -- one of the most pitcher-friendly parks in major college baseball.

The difference between OSU and Tennessee, in terms of park effects, is much greater than the difference between any two major league parks.

Just something to think about.