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Friday a.m. things

So we had all that draft stuff yesterday, followed by an abortion of a baseball game that makes me not even want to pay attention to the major league club the rest of the way.

Have you noticed that the Sammy Sosa/Frank Thomas comparisons have quieted down lately? Sosa is hitting .239/.297/.453 on the season. At this point last season, Frank Thomas was hitting .230/.350/.509. And when the Rangers traded Phil Nevin last year, he was hitting .216/.307/.415.

I think the Rangers are going to ride it out with Sosa until he gets 600, but at that point, I have to imagine they are going to cut bait. I just don't see them getting much in return for Sosa, and I'd rather see the Rangers give Jason Botts the ABs than have them hold onto Sosa for a month in the hope that they can turn him into someone like Joselo Diaz.

Draft stuff in the local papers...Cowlishaw has a column on the draft, and carps some more about the DVD moniker and how unfair it was to put that sort of pressure on the Ranger pitching prospects. At the rate this is going, I'm expecting a columnist to call for the public flogging of Eric Belin (the Ranger fan who coined the DVD nickname that the media seized upon) by the end of the summer.

Todd Wills talks about Beavan's day.

Randy Galloway has a harsh column on Ron Washington's handling of the team, suggesting he's already lost the players because of his turning Gerald Laird into a "whipping boy" for the starting pitchers' struggles, and indicating that there have been shouting matches between Washington and Mark Teixeira.

I have no idea what to say about that...