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Some takes on the Ranger draft

BA's Jim Callis says:

The Rangers have to be celebrating. They wanted pitchers and never could have dreamed that they could have pulled off getting both Texas high school righthander Blake Beavan at No. 17 and Florida prep righty Michael Main at No. 24. And then it kept on going . . . Texas got the best college center fielder in Tennessee's Julio Borbon at No. 35, two more very good arms in Virginia high school righthander Neil Ramirez at No. 44 and Alabama righty Tommy Hunter at No. 54, and then a pure high school bat in Texas prep third baseman Matt West at No. 80. Wow.

BA's John Manuel says:

I like what the Reds have done but agree the Rangers have been very solid so far. I'm a big Mike Main guy and Blake Beavan at 17 was very solid. They added arms and athletes so far, a draft they needed to go well is off to a good start.

Keith Law says:

I rated their day-one draft as the best. Main really seems to be underrated - great stuff, great athlete, good track record, appears to have slipped because his last outing wasn't good. Borbon was a good value play there; a lot of teams saw him as a first-rounder, and as a college bat he should put up good #s in A-ball. A CF who performs in high-A or AA has trade value.

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I'm assuming [passing on Porcello and Harvey] was signability, but they didn't exactly go cheap.