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Fire Joe Morgan helps me win $100

On Thursday, as I was driving home from work, there was a trivia contest on 610, one of the Houston sports stations.

The first question was, name 4 of the 11 (or 12, I forget) active players who have been named the World Series MVP.

A couple of people missed, and I called in, knowing I had this one in the bag.

Jeter and Rivera, I knew (as did a couple of other folks...those two were named correctly by people early on.

Josh Beckett, I knew.

And I knew that David Eckstein had won the World Series MVP, because Fire Joe Morgan has been railing about it for a while.

So I got through, answered the question correctly, and the next couple of questions I had to answer were easy. So I won a $100 gift card from Visa.

Sweet, huh?

And speaking of FJM and Eckstein, check out this latest post, and see how far writers will bend over backwards to work Eckstein into an unrelated item...