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Sunday morning things

Very nice win yesterday, and one that most drive BoSox fans crazy...they had 12 baserunners against Robinson Tejeda in 4 innings, scored only 4 runs, and then got shut down by the Ranger bullpen for the rest of the game, while watching one of their best starters blow a 4-0 lead.

Of course, at this point, the wins and losses are less important than development, and Tejeda's struggles continue to frustrate me, and I'm sure the team as well.

Evan Grant notes that the team's 14-12 record this June is only the 2nd winning June record the Rangers have had in the 21st century, and the Rangers feel they are finally playing like they expected to play from the beginning of the year.

T.R. Sullivan says Ian Kinsler may be headed to the disabled list even if he shows improvement today because of an injury to Jerry Hairston, Jr. JHJ strained his knee yesterday, and if he can't go today, then Kinsler and his mystery foot problem (is it a sprained foot? plantar fasciitis? a stress fracture?) will probably go to the disabled list so the Rangers can call up Desi Relaford, and have a backup infielder available for today's game.

Could Desimania begin today?

Dave Sessions runs down the Rangers expected to be made available this summer.