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The ESPN baseball commentators are idiots

So far today I have heard Buster Olney and John Kruk both say that Sammy Sosa has been the Rangers' best player this year, and Karl Ravich say that few players in the A.L. have had as good a season as Sosa has this year


Sosa hasn't been one of the Rangers' 1half-dozen best players this year, and hasn't been one of the 50 best offensive players in the American League this year.

Update [2007-7-1 22:47:53 by Adam J. Morris]: -- John Kruk just said, AGAIN, that Sammy Sosa is the best player on the Rangers.

Anyone who says that Sosa is the best player on the Rangers is either 1) joking, 2) someone who hasn't bothered to actually look at what the players on the Rangers have done this year, or 3) an idiot.