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Whither ARod?

The New York Daily News has a piece looking at where ARod is going to end up in 2008, with Anaheim being the favorite.

The Yankees and Mets would both seem to be unlikely, particularly after the "She-male"/NY Post stripper drama and the subsequent brouhaha over his wife's t-shirt...I think he'll end up with one of the L.A. teams or one of the Chicago teams, personally.

And at what cost?

One agent estimated that Rodriguez could get "$30 million per year or close, especially after the year he's having. He's not going to get an eight-year contract, though." Another agent and a GM estimated that Rodriguez would get seven or eight years, but not exceed the $27 million he's making this year.

J.C. Bradbury, a professor at Kennesaw State University and the author of "The Baseball Economist", said an average annual value of $30 million "isn't unreasonable."

"I don't envision him breaking $40 million, but somewhere in the mid-30s is probably his ceiling," Bradbury said.