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Jean-Jacques Taylor is ridiculous

J-JT had a chat today, and while there was little Ranger content, we did get this nonsense:

David on OK: What exactly does Jason Botts have to do to get an opportunity with th Rangers? I'm afraid we have another Travis Hafner on our hands.

Jean-Jacques Taylor: Let's keep it real, he had plenty of opportunities in spring training and didn't get the job done. He'll get another crack in spring training and probably September. When the opportunity comes, he must produce. You don't get a lot of them.

Let's keep it real, Botts got the job done this spring, hitting .342/.395/.447.

Let's keep it real, Botts never got an opportunity to win a job this spring with Sammy Sosa around.

Let's keep it real, J-JT probably has no idea who Botts or Hafner are.