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Friday a.m. stuff

A game today...yay! I'm ready for baseball to resume.

Dave Sessions in the S-T discusses the injuries and rotation problems that crippled the Rangers in the first half.

Sessions also has some notes up on Mark Teixeira's return taking away playing time from Brad Wilkerson, who, it is suggested, will move into a pseudo-platoon with Frank Catalanotto.

However, T.R. Sullivan says the plan is for Brad Wilkerson to split time with Catalanotto, play some first base (with Mark Teixeira DHing more often), and also play some centerfield.

Victor Diaz is being sent down to make room for Teixeira.

Also per Sullivan, Tom Hicks says that the team isn't going to have a "fire sale." Don't know that I'd put much weight on that, though...I'm not sure what else anyone would expect him to say, right now...

Saying you are having a fire sale doesn't exactly help your negotiating position...

Jean-Jacques Taylor says trade Mark Teixeira now, because he's a chronic complainer who is never going to be happy, and who wants to escape culpability for his contributions to the Rangers' struggling.

Evan Grant suggests Anaheim and Los Angeles are the two teams the Rangers would most like to deal Teixeira to, as both have lots of young players and minor leaguers the Rangers are interested in.