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Drew Stubbs is struggling

There was a lot of discussion last June about the Rangers' interest in Drew Stubbs, and some excitement among some Ranger fans about the possibilities of Stubbs dropping to Texas at #12. I found this odd, given the hostility engendered by the last Ranger first rounder named Drew, particularly since that guy, like Stubbs, was considered a great athlete with major questions about his bat.

So anyway...Stubbs went to the Reds at #8, leaving the Rangers to take Kasey Kiker at #12.

Stubbs, the former Longhorn, is currently struggling at low-A Dayton, hitting .250/.358/.364 with 19 steals in 31 attempts.

Kiker, of course, also in the Midwest League despite being three years younger than Stubbs, has been terrific, posting a 3.06 ERA with 62 Ks in 47 IP.

I'm really glad we ended up with the consolation prize, there.

And this is also another cautionary note, that makes me wonder why a team would use a top 10 or 15 pick on a college athlete who can't hit.