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Monday a.m. stuff

Regardless of what happens today, the Rangers have guaranteed at least a split in Boston, which falls in the category of "best you can reasonably hope for."

Evan Grant says Eric Gagne is doing the things necessary to show teams he's back, from pitching on back-to-back nights to going more than an inning for a save. Gagne, however, is saying he doesn't want to go anywhere:

"I hope my value is to this team," said Gagne, who signed a one-year deal worth a base of $6 million and as much as $5 million in games finished incentives with the Rangers in December. "I signed here thinking of this as a long-term commitment and I said that when I signed. I want to be part of helping this team win. And winning doesn't happen overnight. It's a learning process and I think that's what we're doing now."

I guess that's not surprising that he would say that, on the heels of a big win and in the midst of a good run by the team. I don't know the guy, can't say if this is posturing, this is him just being fired up after the game, or if he really wants to be a Ranger long-term. But as I've said before, I think it would be very nice if he were around for a while.

Ian Kinsler is apparently heading for the disabled list to make room for Brandon McCarthy today. He'd be eligible to return on July 14.

Jan Hubbard talks about Michael Young being named to the All Star team as the Rangers' representative...

And in the "shocking news" category, both Milton Bradley and A.J. Burnett are back on the disabled list...