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Why the Rangers shouldn't be interested in Eric Byrnes

From T.R. Sullivan today:

The Rangers will likely be in the market for a center fielder this winter and Eric Byrnes looks like he'll be out there. But he wants what Gary Matthews Jr. got from the Angels: five years and $50 million. The Diamondbacks want to do three years and $22 million but that's not enough because his agent said, "Eric has become one of the premier outfielders in Major League Baseball."

Great comparison, Byrnes and GMJ...both are tweener outfielders who are very good defensively on a corner but not real good defensively in center, who had middling careers and then had a big, fluky offensive season at age 31.

If GMJ is worth 5 years, $50 million, then so is Byrnes.

Although, personally, I would not want to see the Rangers offer him the 3 years, $22 million Arizona is dangling...