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Another possible Kenny Lofton destination?

So I'm reading the Mill at BP, and they mention the San Diego Padres as a team that is likely to be active at the trade deadline.

And it occurs to me...isn't San Diego a team that would seem to be a perfect fit for Kenny Lofton?

The Padres are just a game back of the Dodgers in the N.L. West. They are first in the N.L. in ERA, but are 13th in runs scored, 13th in steals, and 15th in OBP.

They are getting a .251/.341/.356 line from the top of their order, and have Jose Cruz, Jr., and Terrmel Sledge splitting time in left field right now. Lofton's range and arm make him a less than ideal defensive centerfielder, but would make him a plus defensive left fielder, and he'd slot in perfectly at the top of the Padres lineup.

And of course, Kevin Towers and Jon Daniels have made a couple of deals in the past...

I'm curious about what the Padres might be willing to part with to get Lofton...

Update [2007-7-22 20:24:12 by Adam J. Morris]: -- I just remembered that they just grabbed Milton Bradley, who is now playing left field.

So, nevermind...