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Monday a.m. things

Bah. Disappointing to only win 1 of 4 in the Cleveland series. And it is a reminder that this team -- and in particular, this lineup -- ain't all that good.

I mentioned last night that I thought Robinson Tejeda could be heading to Oklahoma, and Richard Durrett and T.R. Sullivan say the same thing today. Tejeda's regression has been one of the major disappointments (from a long-term perspective) of the season...

Gerald Laird's bruised hand will have him sitting today, but he's expected to be ready to play again Tuesday.

Boston DFA'd Joel Pineiro this weekend to bring up Jon Lester, with the Boston Herald suggesting that that may be, in part, so that the Red Sox can showcase Lester for teams, with the Rangers (vis-a-vis Mark Teixeira) being specifically mentioned. The Herald also reports that the BoSox are shopping Wily Mo Pena, but I can't imagine there's a ton of value in a guy with his development issues who is a year away from free agency.

The Wily Mo Pena situation is the perfect example of why it is a bad idea for 17 year old kids to be demanding major league contracts. It may well have ruined his career.