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The Fat Boy's Ongoing Problems

Coming into the season, I thought the A's and Angels were vulnerable because of injury issues. I was right about the A's, not so much so about the Angels.

In large part, though, that's because of Anaheim's ability to overcome injury problems, including the ongoing struggles of the Fat Boy, Bartolo Colon. He left yesterday's game after one inning with elbow irritation, and is going to be examined by Dr. Lewis Yocum today.

After posting a 5.11 ERA last year in just 56 1/3 innings, Colon has a 6.72 ERA in 85 2/3 innings this season.

Oh, and this is a contract year for Colon, who turned 34 in May.

The Angels have been winning despite having two terrible starters this season, Colon and Ervin Santana. With Joe Saunders waiting in the wings, the Angels aren't going to be killed if they lose Colon, but this is a problem for them the rest of the way, particularly if Seattle keeps winning.