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Jon Heyman on Teixeira

Jon Heyman writes about the Mark Teixeira situation today, and says he thinks a deal will get done and Jon Daniels will end up getting what he's looking for.

He runs through the list of suitors, along with what they have to offer, with the Dodgers and Angels still appearing to have the most attractive packages to offer.

Heyman also mentions that, with Andruw Jones set to be a free agent after the season (and likely leaving), Atlanta would seem to want to make one more run at a title while he's still around.

And he also, of course, mentions the Orioles, and throws out Daniel Cabrera's name as the lead part of a package.

Once again, I cannot, for the life of me, see why the Rangers would want to trade Teixeira for a package centered around Cabrera, a guy who is going to be making $3-4 million next year and who, as best as I can tell, is a free agent after 2009. Oh, and who isn't a very good pitcher, to boot.