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Cliff Lee, Victor Martinez, and the Beaning of Sammy Sosa

You might recall that, during Saturday night's game between the Indians and Rangers, there appeared to be some strife between Indian pitcher Cliff Lee and catcher Victor Martinez, which included Martinez candyassing on a ball that got away that allowed a runner to advance.

Apparently, there was a team meeting called after the game to discuss the situation, with reports indicating that there were two altercations during the game between Martinez and Lee, with the beaning of Sammy Sosa apparently triggering some of the problems:

The argument escalated in the third inning when Lee hit Sammy Sosa in the head with a fastball. Sosa, honored before the game by a large delegation of family, friends and politicians from the Dominican Republic for hitting his 600th homer June 20, had to leave the game.

Lee said he had no intention of hitting Sosa, especially in the head. Martinez reportedly was upset for Lee's lack of remorse. He felt he should have at least come to the plate to see how Sosa was doing.

Yeah. I've got nothing.