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Some trade deadline linkaliciousness

Jayson Stark says that there are only two teams really in on Mark Teixeira, the Braves and the Angels, and the Angels may not want to give up much more than Casey Kotchman. Which would mean, per Stark, that if the Atlanta deal doesn't go down, the Rangers might be stuck with a choice of either 1) taking a lousy deal, or 2) holding onto Teixeira.

Jon Heyman says the Angels are actively pursuing Teixeira, and Heyman mentions something I hadn't seen -- that Angel g.m. Bill Stoneman says the Angels will add an impact bat. He suggests a package of Casey Kotchman, Ervin Santana, another major leaguer, and perhaps some more goodies could be forthcoming.

On the down side, Heyman also says that Clayton Kershaw and Matt Kemp are off-limits for the Dodgers, and that they may not be willing to deal James Loney. As I mentioned earlier, if they aren't willing to deal Loney, they aren't serious about adding Teixeira, since Teixeira's presence makes Loney superfluous.

Nate Silver rips Saint Melvin for the Scott Linebrink trade. And don't look now, but the Brew Crew are only up 2 on the Cubbies...

Buster Olney thinks a Teixeira for Saltalamacchia deal would be a good one for both teams.

Dayn Perry's top 10 names to watch at the deadline includes both Teixeira and Eric Gagne, although Perry suggests Teixeira's road numbers should be a bit of a red flag for buyers.

And Will Carroll has a surprising new Ranger name amongst the possible trade targets:

Do the Cubs already regret trading for Jason Kendall? He's 1-for-15 and before anyone says "small sample size," I'll point out that his performance in Chicago only continues the precipitous decline seen in Oakland. The Cubs can't expect to contend with an offensive black hole at catcher. One possibility is trying to follow on the rumored Rangers-Braves deal--if the Rangers get Jarrod Saltalamacchia, the Cubs have asked their scouts for an opinion on Gerald Laird.