bonds, and selig. a great article at BP

this is the best article i've read in a long time, i couldn't agree with it any more. joe sheehan managed to write down what i've been thinking (but much more in-depth, im not trying to say i could have done anything near this great)

"While it's an unpopular viewpoint, I stand by my argument that Barry Bonds has not failed a test for PEDs in the four years that MLB has had a program. His testimony before a grand jury--subsequently leaked illegally, and to his detriment--was that he did take substances that were identified later as steroids, but he was told at the time that they were not. His testimony has been interpreted as parsing by some, perjury by others, although statements before the same grand jury by others have been granted full faith and credit. That grand jury inspired two reporters to write a book about Bonds, sourced largely by the illegally-obtained testimony, as well as the accounts of people around Bonds, at least one of whom, ex-mistress Kimberly Bell, can comfortably be described as "scorned."

you just have to read it.

oh and its free