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Lofton heading to Cleveland?

ESPN in Cleveland has announced there will be a press conference at 4 p.m. today to announce a "significant" trade involving the Indians.

The Plain Dealer blog says it is going to be Lofton heading to Cleveland.

More on this as I get more info...

Update [2007-7-27 13:17:11 by Adam J. Morris]: -- The DMN says it is Lofton for Max Ramirez, a 22 year old catcher. Let me see what I can figure out about Ramirez.

Update [2007-7-27 13:24:51 by Adam J. Morris]: -- From what I'm reading, I should call Ramirez a "catcher", Lookout Landing-style...BA describes him as "brutal" behind the plate, with Chris Kline he could be an Olmedo Saenz type utility guy in a chat last offseason. But he's 22 and has a .303/.418/.505 line in the Carolina League right now, after posting a better than .400 OBP in both his Sally League stops last year. Cleveland got him last year in the Bob Wickman deal.

Update [2007-7-27 13:29:42 by Adam J. Morris]: -- John Sickels had Ramirez at #11 in the Indian system last year, saying he loved the bat, hated the glove.