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Cruz getting recalled

Nelson Cruz is getting called up to replace Kenny Lofton on the 25 man roster.

This sort of pisses me off.

Cruz had his chance, and flopped earlier this year. He's hitting well at AAA, but he shouldn't be the one who is getting called up.

Jason Botts should be recalled, starting every day at DH, and relegating Sammy Sosa to a bench role (or an outfield platoon with Catalanotto).

When Sosa is given away or released, Cruz should be recalled.

And for what it is worth...the Rangers are 13th out of 14th teams in OPS from their cleanup slot, largely because of Sosa and his .245/.310/.433 line from the #4 slot. Sosa is also hitting .217/.280/.380 in his last 45 games.

Of the 105 American League hitters with at least 200 ABs against righty pitchers, Sosa is 99th in RC/27 outs. Yes, our DH, the guy who is supposed to do nothing but provide offense, is worse than only 6 other A.L. players in providing offense against righties.

And Jason Botts is getting completely screwed.