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BA on Max Ramirez

BA had a piece on Max Ramirez in early July, as part of its coverage on the Futures Game, which included several lengthy quotes from a scout about Ramirez's game.

It is behind the subscription firewall, but if you have a BA subscription, definitely check it out.

For those who don't, the quick version is that his defense has improved and he projects as a quality hitter in the majors, with decent power, particularly to right-center field.

Chris Kline has a chat session going right now that includes this Q&A on Ramirez:

Q: Josh from Warrenton asks:
How do you think the Lofton deal will impact Max Ramirez? Do you think his timetable will be accelerated? Teagarden is already at Bakersfield ,will Max head there also?

A: Chris Kline: I'm a big fan of Max. Total package as a hitter with emerging power. Aside from that, the defense has gotten better. I know Teagarden is catching again, but there are so many questions about how the arm strength will hold up. Ramirez isn't the greatest catcher in the world either, but you have to find a place for him. It'll be interesting to see where Texas puts him, but I think Bakersfield is too big for the both of them.

The more I hear, the more I think that this was a pretty nice pickup by Daniels...there wasn't a big market out there for CF'ers at the deadline, and I was prepared for the team to simply give away Lofton so they could play Byrd in center the rest of the way.