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Stark on the Teixeira situation

Jayson Stark has an update on the Mark Teixeira situation...

In a nutshell, he's echoing what we've been thinking the last 24 hours or so...Anaheim is still in and is offering Casey Kotchman and Joe Saunders plus a third player, but the third player won't be Nick Adenhart or Brandon Wood. Atlanta has an offer out there but is still trying to get C.J. Wilson as part of the deal. And Jon Daniels is waiting to see if Boston, the Dodgers, or the Yankees will step in and offer Buchholz, Kershaw, or Chamberlain (or Hughes) at the 11th hour.

David O'Brien of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution thinks Atlanta will end up snagging Teixeira and a reliever, likely Ron Mahay (although they would really like C.J. Wilson or Eric Gagne).