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Jon Heyman with some trade news

Jon Heyman says that the Yanks are zeroing in on Eric Gagne (while at the same time trying to find someone to foist Kyle Farnsworth upon), with Tyler Clippard and Jeffrey Marquez being the names the Yanks are apparently willing to part with.

Heyman also has this on the Teixeira trade front:

The Angels were said to be disappointed that Texas requested they sweeten their standing offer for star first baseman Mark Teixeira, which apparently consisted of young first baseman Casey Kotchman and probably young pitcher Joe Saunders, with a top prospect such as pitcher Nick Adenhart or infielder Brandon Wood. While they weren't giving up the pursuit, it gave them reason to wonder whether the Braves were leading the race.

The Angels have been steadfast in their unwillingness to surrender big prospects in recent seasons, but some folks around the game are actually more impressed with their offer than that the Braves' bid, which has been reported to be young catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia plus prospects Matt Harrison, a lefthanded pitcher, and Elvis Andrus, a shortstop. Unless there's a surprise bidder, it could be a two-team competition since it appears the Dodgers are focusing on pitching instead.

Many rave reviews have been written about Saltalamacchia, but the Braves have a history of knowing their prospects. It's hard to recall a time when they traded away any that have come back to haunt them.

It's also curious that the Braves, which are in the playoff race, have consistently been playing the elderly Julio Franco over Saltalamacchia at first base. The idea that they believe Franco gives them a better chance to win doesn't speak well for Saltalamacchia, who's a catcher by trade but had been manning first base before Franco's acquisition.

"[Texas] isn't getting what they think they're getting,'' one competing executive said, referring to Saltamacchia.