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Still more on the trade situation

T.R. Sullivan has still more on the ever-developing trade situation:

According to sources, the Rangers are talking to the Arizona Diamondbacks about first baseman Conor Jackson, outfielder Carlos Gonzalez and a pitching prospect for Mark Teixeira.

The Atlanta Braves remain interested in Teixeira, but there are some health issues with Matt Harrison, the Double-A left-handed pitcher that would be part of the return package. Harrison has a strained shoulder and has been shut down. A Major League source said that does not kill the potential Braves deal, but complicates it.

The Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees and New York Mets are pushing hard for closer Eric Gagne. A source described the situation as "pretty warm."

* * *

The Diamondbacks are showing serious interest, and the Rangers have been scouting Gonzalez, a 21-year-old outfielder who is hitting .270 with 15 home runs and 59 RBIs at Double-A Mobile. But a deal with any club does not appear imminent.

The Angels are willing to offer first baseman Casey Kotchman and pitcher Joe Saunders but have not satisfied the Rangers on the third player in the deal.

So, nothing has really changed with Anaheim, and Atlanta still seems to be the favorite, though the Harrison arm problem puts things in flux.

The Arizona offer is intriguing. Conor Jackson is basically Casey Kotchman, a first baseman with patience who will hit for average and doubles but not a ton of power.

Carlos Gonzalez is a tools guy who was ranked #18 in BA's top 100 this past offseason, but who wasn't in their mid-season top 25 after struggling in AA this year. Not much patience, but a good bat, impressive power for a guy who is just 21, and the ability to play centerfield now, though there is some thought he'll be relegated to right field once he fills out.

The pitching prospect is the key, but if it is lefty Brett Anderson -- Arizona's 2nd round pick last year, a high school slider who signed late in 2006, but who has been outstanding this season. Better than Kasey Kiker, in fact, the Rangers lefty #1 pick out of high school. And he's 6'4", to boot.

Saltalamacchia is better than Jackson, Gonzalez and Andrus is about a coin flip -- both toolsy, projectable guys, Andrus younger and with more defensive value, Gonzalez closer to the majors and with better performance. Anderson, though, is going to blow away any of the pitching prospects Atlanta can offer (other than, perhaps, Tommy Hanson), which might make the Arizona offer more attractive.

Compared to the Anaheim offer, Jackson and Kotchman are a wash, so it comes down to Saunders and the middling outfield prospects they are offering versus Gonzalez and Anderson...edge, Arizona.

The Dodgers are still the wild card, and we'll have to see if they step to the table tomorrow. If we see a Loney, Ethier, Kershaw offer, then I think game's over and the Dodgers deal gets accepted...Loney and Jackson is a wash, Ethier has a little edge on Gonzalez (lower ceiling, but safer), but Kershaw has a big edge on Anderson. But again, the Dodgers have to come in with that offer, and there's no telling whether that happens...

This all, of course, assumes that Anderson is pitching prospect on the table. If he isn't, then this is probably moot, as I don't think Arizona has any other pitching prospect that could get their offer on par with the Arizona or Anaheim offers.