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Schuerholz speaks, Daniels doesn't...still more updates

From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

"It's a pretty steady flow of calls, back and forth," said Schuerholz, who declined to discuss specifics or targeted players. "We'll see what we can do [before the 4 p.m. Tuesday trade deadline]. We're talking to a number of clubs."

The Braves were still believed to be frontrunners for Teixeira with their package of rookie catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia, pitching prospect Matt Harrison and possibly one of their infield prospects, Brent Lillibridge or Elvis Andrus.

"I don't get frustrated," Schuerholz said of drawn-out trade negotiations. "It's a normal part of the process. It's still fluid."

Does he think the Braves will make a major move before the deadline?

"I learned long ago not to put any odds on these things," the GM said. "It's a complicated process."

Again, it is hard to take anything any g.m. says at face value during these things, but what Schuerholz is saying here seems to contradict the third-hand reports that he's tired of dealing with Texas and is going to pull the plug.

Evan Grant reports that Texas "continued to talk seriously" with Atlanta and the two L.A. teams, while Arizona has made a late push to get into the mix.

What does Daniels have to say about all this?

Rangers GM Jon Daniels maintained his stance of declining to talk about trade scenarios.

This is consistent with what Daniels has done since he's taken over as g.m. He doesn't speak, at least on the record, about anything trade-related, or say anything more specific than "we're talking to some teams."

For what it is worth, Grant says that the Rangers have been trying to land Clayton Kershaw from the Dodgers, and haven't been getting anywhere.

If you remember, in the Josh Beckett trade discussions, the Rangers were strung along for a while, but when the BoSox put Hanley Ramirez on the table, that was it...Beckett was going to the BoSox. He was the guy that, of all the players on all the interested teams, was their #1 target.

I tend to think that Kershaw is that guy for the Rangers. If the Dodgers put Kershaw on the table, Teixeira will be a Dodger. If they don't, he's going elsewhere, probably Atlanta.