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A whole bunch of injuries around the league

Geez...yesterday was a bad day for guys staying healthy...

Ian Kinsler went on the d.l., of course.

But the Angels put Mike Napoli and Erick Aybar on the disabled list.

The Mets put Oliver Perez on the disabled list.

Justin Duchscherer, it was announced, will have surgery that will keep him out the rest of the year.

Phillies reliever Matt Smith had Tommy John surgery.

And Nats' reliever Micah Bowie is going on the d.l.

That seems like a lot of activity...

Update [2007-7-3 18:15:28 by Adam J. Morris]: -- And apparently, during my drive back to Houston from Austin this afternoon, Scott Podsednik, Randy Johnson, and Jason Hirsch also have been placed on the d.l. by their teams. Geez.