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The latest from Rosenthal -- Harrison out of the deal

The latest from Rosenthal:

The Rangers were split on whether they wanted Braves Class AA left-hander Matt Harrison as part of a prospect package for first baseman Mark Teixeira.

They no longer need to worry about it.

Harrison recently developed shoulder trouble, major-league sources say, prompting the Braves to remove him from the deal.

The Braves are still offering catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia and Class A shortstop Elvis Andrus for Teixeira, and they gave the Rangers a list of young pitchers to consider as Harrison's replacement.

The list does not include left-hander Jo-Jo Reyes, but otherwise the talks remain fluid. It is even conceivable that the deal could be expanded from a 3-for-1 to a 4-for-2.

The Angels remain a strong contender for Teixeira. While the Diamondbacks submitted an offer, it fell short of the Braves' and Angels' proposals, according to an industry source.

The Dodgers and Rangers exchanged proposals, but found little common ground.

I'd be interested to know who is on that list.

As we've talked about ad nauseum, if it is Tommy Hanson, I'd prefer him to Harrison anyway.

I could see the deal being for Saltalamacchia, Andrus, and a PTBNL, with the Rangers having a couple of weeks to select the player from the Braves' list.

If it expands to a 4 for 2, one would presume that Ron Mahay would be the 2nd Ranger in the deal, although there's been talk that Kevin Millwood could head back to Atlanta, as well.