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Anticipated FAQs about the Teixeira trade

I'm going to put up some questions that I anticipate some folks will be asking in the aftermath of this deal. Understand, this is based on my interpretation of the information that is out there in the public domain, and some educated guesses:

Q) Why did we trade for Matt Harrison if he's hurt?

A) He apparently had a clean MRI, so I imagine the Rangers feel that, with no structural damage, the Harrison injury wasn't significant enough to blow the deal up over, although it may have helped get the 2nd pitching prospect added.

Update [2007-7-30 14:43:19 by Adam J. Morris]: -- And apparently, Harrison isn't necessarily one of the guys we traded for. The 4th player is a PTBNL, who I'm guessing will be Harrison, if he checks out medically.

Q) Why do the deal now, rather than wait until tomorrow to see if anyone topped it?

A) I think the Rangers felt this was the best offer they were going to get. Anaheim apparently didn't move over the weekend, the Dodger front office is still in a state of flux, and the D-Backs offer wasn't strong enough. And by making this deal now, Daniels can focus on the other moves he's supposedly looking at. There will probably be at least two more moves by the Rangers between now and 3 p.m. tomorrow.

Q) Why didn't the Rangers just trade him to the Dodgers for Clayton Kershaw?

A) Because Clayton Kershaw was never on the table.

Q) The Rangers could have gotten two good players who could contribute right away from the Angels, with Casey Kotchman and Joe Saunders. Why didn't they make that deal?

A) Because the Rangers wanted potential high-impact players for Teixeira. Kotchman would be a nice, cheap, solid first baseman for the next several years, and Saunders could step in right away and be a decent #4 or #5 starter. But neither is a future All-Star, a future superstar. Saltalamacchia and Andrus have the potential to be that sort of impact player, and I think the Rangers wanted a high-ceiling type guy back in any deal, even if it meant turning away a safer package.

Q) What happened to the Diamondbacks?

A) Too little, too late, I'm guessing.

Q) Why Andrus, when the Rangers already have Joaquin Arias and Michael Young?

A) Because there's no guarantee either of them will be playing shortstop when Andrus is ready, and because young, toolsy middle infielders always make tasty trade chips. Look at how coveted Arias was before he got hurt. I think it is a 50/50 bet that Andrus gets flipped by the start of the 2009 season.

Q) What position is Saltalamacchia going to play -- catcher, or first base?

A) I think this depends on whether or not Laird is dealt in the next two days. If he is, Saltalamacchia takes over behind the plate. If not, I think Saltalamacchia plays first base, and catches once a week or so.

I'll add more questions and answers as they arise...