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Quick notes on Andrus, Feliz

I didn't notice seeing this elsewhere and wanted to make sure that everyone is aware of it, but for those who aren't familiar with Myrtle Beach, it is one of the worst hitter's parks in affiliated baseball. Anyway, 18 year old Elvis Andrus had 179 at-bats in that park and hit .184/.272/.246 there. But on the road, he's had 202 AB and a .296/.379/.413 line.

That's exciting to me and makes me anxious to see how he does in the hitter friendly California League. Andrus has been a stylish name since he was 16 and not even yet playing actual games for the Braves complex club in 2005. After so-so numbers last year as a 17 year old, he was still pretty glamorous. The sense I've gotten is that he's not as jazzy lately, and I wonder if that park could account for almost all of that.

On Feliz, it has been mentioned a few times on here that Kevin Goldstein ranked him as the number three prospect in the Braves system over the offseason, and for anyone who wants a simple grasp of the player, Goldstein had a nice one sentence comment:

"This is a teenager with a lightning arm who could turn into a frontline starter or a dominant closer, but right now, he's a teenager with a lightning arm."