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Brewers in on Gagne?

The latest on the Gagne situation, from New York Newsday:

As for the Yankees, they're still trying to upgrade the bullpen. They're still talking on Eric Gagne. I've been told there are four suitors for Gagne at this point -- the Yankees, Mets, Red Sox and -- surprise -- the Brewers. I'm not sure if the Brewers are a team he can veto a trade to or not. He can veto a trade to the Red Sox, but not to the Yankees or Mets.

Before you dismiss this as some East Coast nonsense, realize that this is from Kat O'Brien, who was the Rangers beat writer for the S-T until this spring.

This could be a nice confluence of events for the Rangers. The Brewers got off to a huge lead early, which made them a hot early story. But they've struggled of late, the Cubs have gotten hot, and the Brew Crew is now just a game up on the Cubs, with Francisco Cordero blowing his last two saves.

They overpaid for Scott Linebrink, and now appear committed to trying to win this year. I'm just not too sure what all they have left to throw into a Gagne deal, with Yovanni Gallardo and Ryan Braun playing key roles on the major league team, and Will Inman in San Diego.

Jon Daniels and Doug Melvin have made a couple of deals, though -- the Carlos Lee trade and the Brian Shouse deal -- so they've got a history of being able to work together. I'm going to go ruminate on what might be worthwhile in the Brewers system for Gagne...