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How's the roster going to shake out? appears that the Rangers have traded the following guys from their 25 man roster:

Eric Gagne
Ron Mahay
Mark Teixeira

And have added the following two players who will join the major league roster:

Jarrod Saltalamacchia
Kason Gabbard

I assume Gabbard moves into the rotation, with John Rheinecker taking over Mahay's situational lefty role. Saltalamacchia replaces Teixeira.

Wes Littleton, I'm guessing, gets promoted from AAA to take Gagne's vacant roster spot. You could conceivably also have A.J. Murray come up from AAA and take over Mahay's slot in the bullpen, with Rheinecker staying in the rotation and Jamey Wright being DFA'd.

Ian Kinsler is being activated for today's game, with Desi Relaford presumably put on waivers.

And I'd assume that David Murphy is going to be put on the 25 man roster, which would probably result in Jerry Hairston, Jr., or Brad Wilkerson getting released.

And finally, you've got the ongoing Jason Botts situation, with Botts likely getting called up in the next couple of days and Sammy Sosa being released.